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The Goal is Survival!  Natural Disasters, Economic Crisis, or Terrorist Bullying- Emergency Preparedness is the LIFE LINE for every successful survival plan. 


Americans spend millions of dollars a year on insurance, protecting themselves and their families from uncertainty. Rapid Fire Bunker is a Survival Store that embraces the Survival Industry as a necessary “insurance policy” providing Peace-of-Mind, Confidence and Protection against unexpected, life-changing events.  From Long Term Food Supplies, Evacuation & Rescue Provisions to Water Filtration and Solar Gear, Rapid Fire Bunker is your one stop shop for Survival and Emergency Preparedness.

Learn what you need to prepare for during any Emergency Survival Situation.  Visit our Rapid Fire Bunker store located two blocks east of the Melting Pot in Historic Downtown Littleton, Colorado.  We prepare you now…to protect later!  Check out our  $15 FFL Transfers and $25 Private Party Transfers!