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Animis Opibusque Parati …

“Prepared in mind and resources.”  Taking a break from the mad house that Black Friday creates, the team at Rapid Fire Bunker stumbled across the perfect Latin Motto.

Animis Opibusque Parati – Prepared in mind and resources.  This Motto is exactly what the “Bunker and its Team” believe in.  On a daily basis, customers visit the Rapid Fire Bunker Store in Downtown Littleton and think that they will be stepping into the Doomsday Prepper scenario. Take the sensationalism, nerosis and neoprene out of the equation – we can accommodate any Doomsday Prepper desire. 

1)  Yes- Rapid Fire Bunker services and educates the community on preparing, resourcing, and identifying unexpected emergencies.  Some of our most loyal customers are transplants from Louisiana (Hurricane Katrina) and New York / New Jersey (Hurricane Sandy) who are intimatelyy familiar with Urban Survival and Natural Disaster Preparation. 

2) Yes- Rapid Fire Bunker is a locally owned and operated retail store offering preparation resources such as Bug-out-bags, bulk food and food storage, Water Filtration and Purification options, Mace, Solar solutions and don’t forget about the “Man Candy” showroom loaded with Firearms, Knives, Crossbows and Ammunition. 

3) Yes- Rapid Fire Bunker carries unique and hard-to-find preparedness items making it possible to pick up all of your survival needs under one roof. 

Keep Calm and Carry On

Learn From Hurricane Sandy – Food Safety

Looking back the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, anyone with a Television, Radio or Internet understands the importance of preparing for Natural Disasters.   What food products are safe after an natural disaster renders electricity moot?  Lets dive into this question by looking at the items run by readily available electricity in our homes.  Electricity runs our heating and air conditioning, our lighting throughout our home and most important…electricity runs our refrigerators. 

What happens when the electricity goes out and our fridges begin to warm?  What foods are safe, and when should we begin to take concern.  Here are a couple of Food Safety tips for power outages and electrical failures:

Nonperishable & Healthy Foods that withstand electrical failures:

1)  Dried Fruits, Jerky, canned tuna & other assorted canned meats, Canned soups, canned veggies, canned beans, crackers, whole grain cereals, Dehydrated Foods- Look for them at any Emergency Preparedness Store, Powdered milk, powdered cheese etc. 

2) Drinks that will survive lack-of-fridge include soda, water, beer (my favorite)- Beer will last 5-7 months without a cooling element; however the flavor will be influenced and may not taste as “fresh”. 

3) After 2 hours, food safety will begin to decline.   Foods such as eggs, fish, fresh meat, dairy products, and any leftovers will need a cooling alternative such as packing in snow (if you are lucky enough to be experiencing electrical failure during the snowy winter), or Packing in ice (although this is a temporary solution due to melting points).

4)  Because stoves will likely be incapacitated as well during an electrical failure, it is important to consider storing food items that can be cooked without a stove.  Mountain House, Wise Food, Backpackers Pantry are among many Freeze Dried products that will allow you to add water and reconstitute food without directly cooking.

Keep Calm and Carry On!