Monthly archive - April 2013

72 Hour Waterbrick and First Aid Kit Winner!

Contratulations Christine Fenimore! 

Rapid Fire Bunker is proud to present you with your new 72 hour Waterbrick and 234 Piece First Aid Kit. 

During the First Aid Room Open House, Rapid Fire Bunker had a drawing give-away for a new 72 hour Waterbrick and 234 Piece First Aid Kit.  We thank all the participants and encourage you to follow our facebook postings for more give-aways!

Rapid Fire Bunker carries a large selection of First Aid, Trauma, Triage, Search & Rescue supplies.  During Emergency situations, it is essential to stock up on First Aid in your vehicle and at home to accomodate any unexpected disasters.

Rapid Fire Bunker prides itself on being the most reliable Retail Emergency Preparedness supplier-under one roof- in the Country. 


We Celebrate the Gifts Given…

yellow ribbonThank you to our dearly departed friend George Dorry.  Today, we celebrate the one year anniversary of our friend and mentor George Dorry who passed away from Cancer last April 8th, 2012.

George gave Rapid Fire Bunker (The Bunker) and its team the encouragement and strength to build the Bunker and continue the legacy of helping others find security and protection with Emergency Preparedness and preparing for the unexpected.  George spent the last year of his life building 72 hour bags and first aid kits for his loved ones, knowing he would not be the one there to protect them.  He spent countless hours teaching and sharing survival secrets with his closest friends and family as a method of keeping them safe.

We honor our friend today.  We thank him for the inspiration and bravery that he shared with us. 

Rapid Fire Bunker carries on his legacy in our community, our country and throughout the world.  Thank you George Dorry for helping us find our purpose and giving life and honor to Rapid Fire Bunker. 

We love you and miss you dearly.

Keep Calm and Carry On my dear Friend.