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Camping / Hiking – Rapid Fire Bunker

Camping / Hiking

Wilderness Survival

Prepare for Colorado’s Volatile Weather, Backpacking Terrain and Hiking Hang-ups.


Some of our pieces include:

  • Solar Radios & Portable Solar Panels

  • Bivy Bags, Thermal Blankets, & Dri Sacks

  • 550 Paracord

  • Camping Cyalume Sticks & Candles

  • Tube Tents, Hammocks and Mosquito Net

  • Fire Starting Gear & Butane Lighters

  • Compasses, Solar USB Travel Kits

  • Backpacking & Hiking Dry Food Essentials

  • Flare Guns, Smoke Flares & Air Horns

  • Assortments of Hiking Bags and 72 Hour Bags

You might also consider the following items for protecting your family from potential shortages in emergency situations.

Food is essential to survival and emergency situations:

Rapid Fire Bunker Survival Store carries the full Line of Wise Food Long Term Food Supply, Mountain House Outdoor Packets, Heirloom Seeds (Garden, Fruit, Medicinal, Ancient Grains), Food-Grade Mylar Bags (1 gallon/ 5 gallon), MRE (Meals- Ready-To-Eat),Solas Bars (US Coast Guard Approved), Protein Bars, Energy Bars (Perfect for Hiking trips),Oxygen Absorbers (300 cc , 500 cc , 2000 cc), Over 114 different varieties of  #10 Cans Dehydrated Food & Bulk Food, including: Dehydrated Vegetables, Dehydrated Fruit, Powdered Milk, Butter, Dehydrated Meats, Biscuit and Pancake Mixes.

Katadyn ProductsWater is a primary life-line to survival and emergency situations:

Rapid Fire Bunker Survival Store stocks Portable Water Bags, Aqua Boxes, Water Bladders, Tub Bladders (Water Bobs), Self Hydration Packs (Forward Osmosis Water Packets), Forward Osmosis Water Bladders, Oral Re-hydration Packets, Siphon Pumps, Drum Pumps, Water Purification Materials, Katadyn Filtration, Aquamira Filtration, Aqua Pails (Filters 400 gallon- 5000 gallon water),Canteens, Thermoses, Stainless Steel Cups, Germicidal Tablets, Chlorine Dioxide Tablets, Iodine Tablets and tincture.

First Aid BagPrepare for any First Aid Emergency:

Rapid Fire Bunker Survival Store carries Trauma Bags, 25- 100 Person First Aid Kits, First Aid and Survival Handbooks (SAS Survival Handbook & Urban Survival), Quick Clot, Sam Splints, N95 Masks, Medical Trauma Packs, Wound and Dental Medic Kits, 3 Story Fire Ladders, Fire Retardant Blankets, Fleece Blankets, Surgical Kits & Suture Kits, Potassium Iodide, First Aid Bags for family and office, Vehicle First Aid Kits, Travel Trauma Kits, Blood Type Identifier Tags, Trauma Clean-up and Disposal Kits.

LadderEvacuation, Natural Disasters, Civil Unrest, Terrorist Threats:

Rapid Fire Bunker Survival Store provides peace-of-mind by stocking protection gear such as Edged Weapons & Machetes, Firearms and Accessories, Mace & Pepper spray, Bear Spray, Stunguns & Tasers, Ammunition and Ammunition Cases, Crossbows & Carbon Fiber Bolts, Rescue Tools, Shovels, Saws, Collapsible Fire Ladders & Fire Retardant Blankets, Tactical Gear & Lighting, Solar Equipment, Solar Lighting, Solar Radios, Gas Masks and more!

Rapid Fire Bunker’s Mission and purpose is to enrich the lives of individuals and community by Educating, about emergency preparedness, Providing affordable survival gear and emergency gear, and Developing an environment for safety and protection.

The personal service and over 40 years of honed Survival and Military expertise from the Founders allows shopping at the “Bunker” to be an enjoyable and beneficial experience.  They have their finger on the pulse of survival and personal defense, and prepping for anything. Every member of the Rapid Fire Bunker team is trained to educate and direct customers to Emergency, Disaster, Evacuation Outdoor and Survival Gear that suits each individual’s specific needs.

Please don’t hesitate to call us for inventory questions at 303-797-8278, or just come in and see us in downtown Littleton, CO just minutes from Denver.