Evacuation / Bug-Out Survival

Evacuation/ Bug-Out

Many disasters allow no time for families and individuals to gather vital survival necessities.  Planning ahead is crucial.  Protect and prepare your family for unexpected Evacuations and Bug-Out situations.


Things to consider:

Family Bug-out Bags

72 Hour Survival Bags, 72 Hour Food Bags

Blackout Buckets, Blizzard Buckets

First Aid Bags, Surgical and Dental Kits

Vehicle Disaster Bags

Maxpedition, Drago, Snugpack Tactical Bags

Water Bags, Water Filtrations, Water Purification

Solar Gear

Rescue Tools, Machetes, and Molle Equipped Gear

Long Term, Bulk Food Rations

Learn what you need to prepare for during any Emergency Survival Situation.  Visit our Rapid Fire Bunker store located two blocks east of the Melting Pot in Historic Downtown Littleton, Colorado or you can shop 24 hours a day at our online store.  We prepare you now…to protect later!