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Dehydrated Food Vs. Freeze Dried Food

Wise Freeze Dried Food

Dehydrated Food

Freeze Dried Food Vs. Dehydrated Food

 What is the difference between Freeze Dried Food and Dehydrated Food?  Here is a quick summary on how to tell a freeze dried food product from a Dehydrated food product.  Ingredients: Freeze Dried Food, such as Wise Company  Emergency Food and Mountain House Emergency Food, will generally be full of seasoning and mixed with several ingredients.  Dehydrated Food will not have seasoning and usually only have one specific ingredient in a # 10 Can.  Cost: Dehydrated food costs less than freeze dried food.  For Example: A single #10 can of dehydrated mushrooms will equal 27 cans of canned mushrooms which weight is mostly water weight.  Taste: Bar none- Freeze dried food tastes the best due to the fact it already has seasoning and multiple ingredients in the pre-packaged container.  It is a one stop shop for backpackers, hikers and a quick meal during any natural disaster or Emergency situation.