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Diabetic : Buging in with Style!

 I am Diabetic and the question of Food Storage for survival purposes is a challenging one. What happens when food distribution channels dry up?  What happens when a natural disaster takes out my power for a week…or worse, a month?  What do I do for food storage solutions to control my insulin in an extreme survival situation? There are several  Long Term Food storage solutions for individuals with Diabetes.  Granted, it isn’t as simple as popping into Rapid Fire Bunker Survival Store and picking up some MRE’s or Wise Food Buckets…but it is a simple solution…Read On. With Food Grade Buckets, Gamma Seal Lids for air tight food storage,  Oxygen Absorbers and Mylar Bags : Food Storage Challenges just got a lot easier. 

1) Look for # 10 cans of dried vegies – There are Colorado Survival Stores carrying locally canned dried goods such as Mushrooms, corn, tomatoes (technically a fruit, but who is judging).  These are easy to store and last  10+ years. 

2) Varietal Grains such as Amaranth, Barley, Corn, Millet, Brown Rice, Oat Groats( whole oats w/ hulls removed), Quinoa and Sorghum (also known as Milo and low in Gluten) are easily storable in food grade buckts with a GAMMA SEAL Lid to lock out all air.  Throw a couple of Oxygen Absorbers in the bucket and you have yourself an airtight solution to dry food storage.  Although difficult to find, Heirloom seeds are still available at a couple of Colorado Retail locations.  Heirloom seeds will regenerate future seedlings. It is important to seek non-Hybrid, Non-GMO Heirloom seeds. Planting your own garden and growing your own Grains, Vegetables & Medicines is an option that will complement the Diabetic challenge in survival situations.

3)  Wise Food does have a meat and rice bucket that stores for 25 years.  Their meat is real, dried meat and it tastes great! With a food diet that must be modified to accommodate health, it is important for Diabetics to put the proper thought into Survival Food Storage for Emergency preparation. 

There is nothing worse than being caught in a blizzard or a power outage with no food, insulin spiking and body function breaking down due to lack of proper food storage planning. Prepare now…protect later!