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Survival the “Popular Mechanics” Way

When the April 2013 Issue of Popular Mechanics, one of America’s leading Tech-Savvy magazines, runs a cover story on “Survive Anything – 52 Disaster Tactics”, you know the topic is important.  Nine pages of information encompassing being prepared for natural disasters such as Tornadoes, Floods, Blizzards, Wildfires and Hurricanes provides a road map for the uninformed.

First Aid Bag    What Type of Information will you find in this article? 

  1. Emergency Food Storage (30 days for a family of Four)
  2. Nutrition choices for Long Term Food Storage
  3. Choosing a reliable Generator
  4. Water Filtration (AquaPail 1000- Rapid Fire Bunker sells filter for Only $150)
  5. Fuel Storage and long term Emergency Fuel Treatment (Rapid Fire Bunker offers Pri-G Stabilizer for Fuel Treatment $7.99)
  6. First aid and important items for your medical bag supplies
  7. 72 hour backup power
  8. Affordable emergency tools and knives
  9. Planning for evacuation and pet protection
  10. Recovery from Natural Disasters, working with Insurance and rebuilding

Operating Rapid Fire Bunker, Colorado’s fastest growing Emergency Preparedness Store, we encounter questions about dealing with a variety of unexpected disasters.  We continue to remind people that they spend thousands r of dollars on vehicle insurance, home insurance, health insurance to protect against the unexpected emergencies…Preparing your family by collecting the suppies essential for surviving a natural disaster is no different.