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Mexico City Earthquake – Rapid Fire Bunker

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Earthquake strikes Mexico City


Mexico City experienced an earthquake on Tuesday morning March 26, 2013.  As of data from the Associated Press, there has been no injuries reported at this time.  Witnesses claim building movement and fear-based reaction from Mexico City residents.   

With Natural Disasters, like earthquakes, happening more frequently, it is essential to understand how to prepare for an earthquake and survive its most often deadly trauma.

Preparing for an Earthquake:  Here are a few simple rules to follow as assist in earthquake survival.

  1. Mobil HOmes, and homes not attached to foundations are an increased risk location.  Take extra care if you are residing in such a location.  Buildings with Foundations resting on landfills and other unstable soils are also an increased location risk due to sheer movement of earth.
  2. Be sure to turn off all gas, electric and water valves after an earthquake to avoid further damage to your property.  Note:  Lansky has a great product called the Firefighters battle axe that has a gas shutoff valve key built into the hatchet.  This is a great tool to have for situation such as an earthquake
  3. Be sure to secure all chemical cleaners in the home (if located in an earthquake zone).  Spills from liquid cleaners and household detergents can cause additional damage and emergency situations (Poisoning of pets and children) after the earthquake.
  4. Refrain from hiding under large, heavy items (desks, cars etc) as they have a likelihood of acting as a crushing devise during earthquake movement.
  5. Most importantly:  Always have supplies in a 72 hour bag that will include Extra Batteries, crank/solar radio to pick up reports if the electricity is taken out (Voyager make a great Shortwave solar/crank radio), First Aid Kit with small pocket sized first aid book, Emergency Food (Wise, Mountain House, MRE’s, Solas Bars), Emergency Water (Waterbrick has a great product that carries 3.5 gallons of water in a stackable container), Sturdy shoes, reliable knife /rescue tool (Leatherman has an assortment of reliable rescue tools), Portable/foldable stove and waterproof matches, Emergency Blankets (staying warm is essential especially in radical climates- without electricity during the winter a person can die of exposure within three hours).
  6. Always have an emergency plan for family that may be seperated during an earthquake

Preparing now will protect you and your family later.  Take the time to put these simple items together to avoid any possible Earthquake threats.