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“No Police Protection for you”, claims 911 Dispatch

Image converted using ifftoany911 Dispatcher tells woman about to be sexually assaulted “there are no cops to help her” due to budget cuts.  

According to CBS Seattle News Center, lay-offs at the Oregon State Police Dept., a move allowing the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office to Protect and Serve Only Monday thru Friday, led to a woman being violently sexually assaulted by a man breaking into her house.  As a result, a woman calling for police protection was refused service.  “If he comes inside the residence and assaults you, can you ask him to go away?” responded the dispatcher.   http://tiny.iavian.net/10he

My fellow readers,  as an individual who has built an entire company, Rapid Fire Bunker (R.F. Bunker) out of supplying protection, gear, equipment and peace-of-mind for my community, friends and family – this article strikes a cord on a whole new level.  Let’s take this one issue at a time:

1) Since when does budget cuts provide a two weekend day reprieve for our men and women who take a vow to Protect and Serve the communities of our great nation? Last time I checked, crime and disaster does not take a holiday despite budget cut backs.

2) “Ask him to go away”.  This comment from the dispatcher was inexcusable and grounds for immediate termination.  There is a myriad of suggestions that the dispatcher should have given instead of “Ask the predator to go away”.  a) Dispatcher could have called the Fire Department in an effort to send help to the victim.  b) Dispatcher could have suggested running from the house to a friend or neighbor for help and protection. c) Dispatcher could have suggested melting a frying pan full of butter on the stove (to use on the predator)and finding a hiding in the kitchen. d) Dispatcher could have questioned if the victim had  Mace, Pepper spray, a knife or other weapon that she could have protected herself with as the predator was breaking into her house… But Asking a potential Victim of Sexual Assualt if they can “Ask the predator to go away”, ranks right up there with urinating on ones self or vomitting on ones self http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/20/justice/colorado-rape-prevention-guidelines  as a means of protecting against such a violent crime. 

3) Our Men and Women in Law Enforcement put their lives on the line for our communities, yet continue to be pulled in different directions.  There are not enough of them to fight crime in every community.  We the people can not expect them to be available during every report of crime perpetrated on us as a community or individual.  Remember this: These amazing individuals have families too! They put their lives on the line daily, with dwindling ammunition for training and protection. They put their lives on the line daily, as budget cut backs come down from broken financial systems and dysfunctional leadership.   We the people of the United States must remember that protecting ourselves is our first line of defense from predators, terrorists and natural disasters.  Could this violent crime and unfortunate representation from the dispatcher been avoided if our distant friend would have had protection in her home to fight off the predator?  Would this unfortunate event have even occurred if the predator was made aware that this woman had materials to protect herself against any unwanted entry into her home?  

Don’t wait until an unexpected event is breaking down your door…Protect yourself!   Have a baseball bat, firearm, mace, pepper spray, anything that will protect you and your home against unwanted intruders.  Do not wait for the police to arrive to protect yourself.  Do not wait for the police to protect you in an immediate violent situation.   Every second counts during unexpected emergencies…think ahead and begin protecting yourself, your family, and your community. 

Keep Calm and Carry On