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Decoding the American Flag

FlagThe American Flag aka: “Stars and Stripes”, “Old Glory”, “Star Spangled Banner”.

Forged in December 1860, the American flag stands as a prominent symbol of freedom, strength and resolve for the Proud American People.

What does the colors and design mean?  The canton (upper left quarter of the flag) displays a blue rectangle with 50 small white stars.  The Blue Rectangle represents the “Union” nurturing the 50 states that make up our great nation.  Outside of the Canton, there are 13 horizontal stripes, 7 Red and 6 White. These stripes represent the 13 original British colonies that fought for the freedoms that we hold so dear today. 

Flag Etiquette:  The following list include items that come with the responsibility of “flying” the American flag.

  1. The American Flag should never be flown during inclimate weather (Rain, snow etc)
  2. The American Flag should never be allowed to touch the ground
  3. The American Flag should be displayed with pride and never to be part of graffiti or disrespect
  4. The American Flag should be flown outside during the day.  If displayed outside during the evening, it must be respectfully illuminated with light.
  5. During times of mourning and National Loss, the American Flag should be flown at half mass to show respect and support for our nation’s loss.
  6. Tattered Flags that have experienced weathering and can not be repaired should be taken down and disposed of respectfully. Note: The Elks Club will properly dispose of flags for the public with ceremony and honor.  Look for an Elks Club lodge near you.