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Fire Starter Fuel Alternatives.

In an effort to test out equipment, the necessity of fire starter fuel alternatives became the perfect topic of discussion.  We recently purchased a StoveTech ($89) Biofuel outdoor stove.  These handy stoves prove to be worth every penny!  Designed to accomodate individuals without power and facilities in Third World Countries, the StoveTech outshines every stove we have tested to date. 

What happens when you run out, or simply do not have, any stove fuel?  What other items may be used when needing a source to cook food, boil water, or most importantly, to stay warm?  Take a look at some great Fire Starter Fuel Alternatives that anyone can store:

1)  Wet Fire (Ultimate Survival Technologies ) $8.00-10.00,  Waterproof Fire Sticks (Coghlans) $2-$5

2) Fire Paste (Coghlans) $ 4-$7,  Fuel Tablets (Coghlans) $2-$5,  “Tinder” (Coghlans) $ 4-8

3) Fire Puck (Zippo) $1-4,  Magnesium Fire Starter (E-gear, Coghlans, Adventure Medical) $5-25

4) Fire Starter on a Budget (Free!)   Pine Cones, Dryer Lint, Dried out Corn Cobs (use after the birds pick the corn off).  Pine Needles, used newspaper, & Dried leaves.

Stay Calm and Carry On!